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Dr. Maude - Accessible EPUB about Maude Abbott, a medical pioneer!

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Maude Abbott cherishes the dream of going to university. She even wants to become a doctor. But a 19th-century woman has no place in that world of men. Equipped with exceptional intelligence, and through perseverance and hard work, Maude will take her place to become one of the first women physicians in Quebec. She will even come to enjoy a worldwide reputation in cardiology, despite constraints and opposition. The novel is written for a public of 10 years of age and older. Anyone interested in the history of women and medicine will enjoy it.

Includes 13 short videos providing extra information and showing original pictures on which the illustrations were based, narrated by the author Cynthia Lisa Dubé.

Extract available here

Text by Cynthia Lisa Dubé

Translation by Sophie Auclair

Illustrations by Marie-Hélène St-Michel

Historical novel about Dr. Maude Abbott, a Canadian medical pioneer
Dr. Maude - Accessible EPUB
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